HOUSTON A tow truck driver came to the rescue of a motorist stranded in the rushing floodwaters in northwest Harris County Friday morning.His quick-thinkingmay have saved the man s life.

Isaias Diaz was on his way to work when he accidentally drove into high water on Longwood Trace at Vanover. His vehicle started taking in water quickly and began to float.

Diaz pulled out his cell phone and called for help, but the water was rising rapidly and he had nowhere to go.Things weren t looking so good until Archie Raines heroically stepped in.

The guy couldn t swim, he was scared, said Raines, a tow truck driver.

Raines is used to saving cars, but Friday, he saved a life.

The car was floating in the bayou, we couldn t wait for fire and rescue, Raines said.So he drove his truck as close as he could, jumped into the water and helped the man to safety.

Basically when he got down to the hood, I helped him down off the car, held his hands, his arms, carried him up to my truck and drove him over here, Raines explained.

Diaz, visibly shaken and soaking wet, said he didn t see the high water sign or understand the warnings people were trying to give him because he speaks Spanish.

We honked horns at him, yelled at him, he just smiled and kept going, Raines said.

Luckily for Diaz, Raines didn't hesitate to step in.

After pulling at least 50 vehicles out of the water,the tired tow truck driverhopes that s the end of it.

Hopefully nobody else goes in and does this, he said.
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