HOUSTON The Harris County Medical Examiner s Office is investigating whether extreme heat caused a woman s death at a southeast Houston apartment complex.

The 62-year-old woman was found dead Thursday morning at the Cuney Homes public housing community, located in the 3200 block of Truxillo.

The woman lived on the second floor.

She didn t get an air conditioning when she was living up their prior because she said she had a good breeze coming through. You know, she s upstairs and just had a draft coming in, said the woman s relative Audrey Brown.

The ME investigator is trained to look forfactors that may indicateheat played a role in the death----especially with deathsthat mayinitially appearnatural or undetermined.

She was a good person at heart. She had a good heart, said Brown.

According to neighbors, apartments at the housing community do not come with air conditioners, but you can buy them and put them in yourself. But, some of the windows are awkward and neighbors say it requires special accommodations.

It s hot, it s just so hot, hot, hot, said Brown.

The Houston grandmother had plans to move to California next week to live with her grandchildren. She had everything packed but a television, chair, bed and fan.

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