PASADENA, Texas Loved ones were overcome by grief Friday outside the Pasadena home where a couple died in a fire Friday morning.

They hugged, held hands and prayed for Phyllis and Charles Lewis.

He d do anything for you. He d give the shirt off his back for anybody. She was the same way, said David Lewis, the victim s son.

Lewis went to the house for his usual Friday morning breakfast with mom and dad.

I saw they were doing CPR on both of them, Lewis said.

The fire started in the couple s home in the 1200 block of Monroe around 4:30 a.m.

Firefighters said Phyllis Lewis, 67, was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher calling for help, but she got disconnected.

When firefighters got there, they believe the victims were trying to escape from the home. But their efforts were complicated by an oxygen generator in the house.

The first division squad, whatever you call it, ran in and pulled her out, neighbor Tim Williams said.

Once firefighters got the victims out, both Phyllis and Charles, 68, were rushed to Bayshore Hospital.

Phyllis died there. Charles was airlifted to another hospital, but also succumbed to his injuries.

We actually saw them barbecue on Father s Day. That s a lot of sadness there, neighbor Anna Gonzalez said.

I can t believe that happened to them, said Tim Williams, another neighbor. A married couple, grandma and grandpa. Their daughter just moved out with her kids probably six or eight weeks ago and they were good people.

Firefighters believe the blaze started in the master bedroom and could have been sparked by cigarettes.

I understand she was a COPD patient [and] they were both heavy smokers, Pasadena Fire chief Lanny Armstrong said.

Family members said all of their pictures were destroyed in the fire, but they did find one book untouched by flames in the bedroom where the fire started. It s called Believing in God.

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