HOUSTON A 911 callabout an allegedabductionthat shut down the Gulf Freeway duringmorningrush hour turned out to be a false alarm.

A man called 911 Thursday morning and said he d been kidnapped. He gave a description of the car he was in and the location.

Houston police shut down all northbound lanes of I-45/Gulf Freeway near Monroe and pulled over the car.

They took three men and a woman into custody.

Police now say the caller made up the story about the abduction.

Kevin Babers, 44, is being charged with filing a false report.

I called police and they arrest me? Babers complained at the scene. ...These people were holding me against my will.

Police say Babers is a convicted felon whohad outstanding warrants.

The other three people in the car were questioned and released.

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