HOUSTON Missing child alerts were issued Thursday night as police searched for a Houston father and his four children who have not been seen since a police chase Wednesday evening.

Noe Soto Aranda, 31, is facing felony charges of endangering a child, assaulting a family member and evading arrest.

Texas Eqqusearch volunteers joined the search south of Sealy Thursday evening where the family s wrecked truck was found. It was found near FM 3013 and Oil Field Road.

Authorities found evidence that Aranda and the kids, ages 5 to 10, slept nearby Wednesday night.

There s a travel trailer behind the house that looks like people slept in, and there was an ice cream container with four spoons in it, said DPS Trooper Matt Ochoa. So we re pretty hopeful that the children who are missing were able to make it with their father.

The owner of the trailer said he locked up everything on his property after the truck turned up Wednesday night.

So we made sure the keys were out of everything. Our camper was open so we locked the camper. We locked all the outbuildings and, of course, we locked the gate every night, said Scott Haverland.

But whoever spent the night in the trailer tore through an exterior wall to get inside.

Neighbors were relieved to know the children weren t sleeping outdoors.

I don t walk around in the dark here just because of the coyotes and the snakes and everything else, soI can imagine what those kids felt, said Lisa Barrett who lives in the area.

Haverland said his red Hyundai Sonata is missing and DPS investigators think Aranda and his children may be in it. It hasTexas license plate CV2X779.

Anyone with information concerning the missing children is asked to contact the Houston Police Department Missing Persons Unit at 713-731-5223.

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