HOUSTON Walmart on Friday said they are investigating a tense confrontation between a police officer working security at their store and two men making a video in the parking lot.

It happened outside the store on Beltway 8 near Beechnut.

Jacob Carruthers said he and a friend were shooting a funny video about shopping carts in the parking lot when they were approached by the security officer.

They kept their camera rolling as the officer asked them to show some ID.

All that was on my mind was, you know what, I m going to keep this camera going. If I get Tased, hopefully it won t break on its way down to the ground, Carruthers recalled.

They posted the confrontation on YouTube Friday.

The reason we wanted to make this viral was not for the reason of making any cops look bad or anything like that, but this kind of stuff happens and it s a reality, Carruthers said.

He said eventually, the officer called for backup.

Thank God a nice police officer had come, who he called, Carruthers said.

After they were cuffed and put in the back of a patrol car, Carruthers and his friend were let go.

He said the whole thing taught him a lesson.

Cops are normal people, just like everybody else. We don t want them to look like a monster, but it shows you [that] you have to watch them, just like they watch us, Carruthers said.

It was not clear which police department the officer worked for full-time, but HPD said he did not work for them.

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