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WALLER, Texas A 22-year-old Waller County man suspected of murdering his parents and older brother tearfully confessed to investigators Wednesday that he was planning a much larger, Columbine-style attack at a local school when he opened fire on his family, law enforcement sources confirmed to KHOU 11 News.

Trey Sesler reportedly opened up to investigators at the Waller County Jail, where he s been held since his arrest Tuesday evening.

According to investigators, Sesler said he killed his parents and brother because he didn t want them to be ashamed of what he was about to do.

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He admitted he studied serial killers and even graded their work, according to Waller County Sheriff's investigators.

Sesler told themhe d been shooting livestock to build up courage for a Columbine-style mass-shooting at Waller High School. Investigators said Sesler hinted that another former Waller student was going to help him carry out the massacre, but investigators said Thursday there's no other evidence of that so far.

A person who claimed to be a close friend of the suspect's told KHOU 11 News that Sesler clearly hated school and his teachers. The friend said Sesler had been treated for depression.

Sesler posted videos of himself firing weapons on YouTube prior to the triple homicide.

If you come to that point, what do you have on your mind, Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith said. I certainly don t think it was something that just happened, all of a sudden, in one bad argument. These kinds of things, probably something had been going on with his young man for a while.

Sesler was arrested Tuesday night, just hours after police found the bodies of his parents Lawton Ray and Rhonda Wyse Sesler and his brother, 26-year-old Mark Alan Sesler, at their home in Waller.

Police are not sure exactly when the victims were shot, but said it could have been as early as Monday afternoon. Police were called to the home by concerned family members around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators described the gruesome scene as a war zone.

The best way for me to describe the residence is it looked like a war zone a tremendous amount of damage inside the residence, the crime scene was not contained to one area of the residence. It was from one end of the residence to the other, front to back, which is unusual, Waller Police Chief Phil Rehak said.

Texas Rangers quickly tracked Trey Sesler down at a friend s house near Magnolia after spotting his car outside the residence. They said he had two guns on him at the time one inside, and one in his car.

Family members said the young suspect was suffering from some type of mental illness.

But investigators said they have no idea what exactly might be wrong.

The FBI was called in Wednesday to assist with the investigation, and officers were searching Sesler s grandmother s home in Hempstead for evidence. A friend said Trey Sesler s parents allowed him to live in the grandmother shome alone, butcontinued to support him financially.

There was a sign on the mailbox indicating that the home was under surveillance, and KHOU 11 News found a video camera mounted near the back door.

There was also a pet grave located right up against the house. There was a cross with the pet s name, and underneath the words: Forgive me.

He will be arraigned on capital murder charges Thursday morning, police said.

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