HOUSTON Talk show host Michael Berry shot back Tuesday at times screaming and yelling about embarrassing media reports linking him to a wreck outside a Montrose bar.

Berry did not discuss the wreck itself, but he did spend more than an hour of radio time blasting and even threatening the news outlets covering the story.

Berry was taking issue with the way the media has reported the story, and what that coverage implies.

Gay bar, gay bar, gay bar, gay bar. So many times in the story, I lost count, Berry said.

The accident in question happened outside TC s Showbar in Montrose. It is a gay bar. But the fact that that s been repeatedly and prominently reported in the past few days has Berry especially upset.

The fact that I m not afraid that some of the people inside may be gay makes it a bad thing? Would it have been better if I was at a strip club? Berry asked.

On Tuesday, Berry spent a lot of time on his show arguing that he is not homophobic.

Really? I hate gay people? You jackass! You never listen to my show! Get your facts straight, you stupid fools, Berry said. I don t have to bash gays to prove that I m not one!

Berry declined to talk on camera.

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