FORT WORTH, Texas Texas Christian University officials, along with campus and Fort Worth police, have announced the arrest of 17 students accused of dealing drugs on and off campus.

At an on-campus news conference at 9:30 a.m., campus police Chief Steve McGee described this morning s arrests, saying Fort Worth police, armed with warrants, arrested 3 students on campus and 14 students off-campus.

Police also confirmed of those arrested, four are players on the TCU football team, 2 are young women and at least three fraternities are involved.

TCU Senior Eric Vant Westeinde said he, like most, had no idea about the arrests or the investigating leading up to them. He said this may be bad press for TCU in the short run, but believes the school is handling the issue correctly and professionally.

Police believe the students arrested have been dealing drugs independently of one another, that this is not one big drug ring.

Police said the drugs involved include cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy pills, Molly (the powdered form of ecstasy), acid and prescription drugs.

They also said the students arrested each made hand to hand contact with an undercover narcotics officer involving these drugs.

Police said their investigation began six months ago when tipped off by students and members of the community. They say their investigation is ongoing and may lead to even more arrests.

TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini, Junior said these arrests are disheartening news, but more a measure of what is happening in society as a whole. He said the arrests are an indication of how much the entire community is against drug dealing as a whole.

Boschini said he notified the staff and students about this morning s arrests by email soon afterwards informing them about the ongoing investigation. He said he has been receiving word from students, parents and staff ever since, most of whom support the actions of TCU.

The students arrested Wednesday face criminal charges and expulsion from TCU. For now, they are not allowed to return to campus.

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