HOUSTON -- Prosecutors on Tuesday attempted to prove how a woman set her house on fire, so she and her husband could collect insurance money.

The couple s 8-year-old daughter and Raymond Farley, a 16-year-old family friend, were killed in the May 2003.

Harris County prosecutors said there was no question that Sharon Watkins set her house on fire to scam her insurance company.

They were not doing very well financially. They were not paying their bills. They did not have money in their bank account, said Assistant District Attorney Marie Primm.

It was the fifth fire at Watkins' house in as many years. Three were thought to be suspicious. Watkins and her husband collected more than a half-million dollars in insurance claims.

The fire wasn t supposed to end the way it did, investigators said. But it grew out of control. Watkins' husband, David, who was also charged, is being tried separately.

Both are facing murder charges and life in prison. The trial may last much of this week.

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