HOUSTON A woman was killed Tuesday in a chain-reaction crashinvolving an 18-wheeler tanker truckon Highway 59 at Grand Parkway 99, Sugar Land police said.

Police said the tanker truck, which wasn t carrying any product, rear-endeda Lincoln Continentalabout 5:45 p.m. in the southbound lanes of Highway 59.

TheLincoln then slammed into five other vehicles and burst into flames.Threeof those vehiclesalso caught fire.

The Lincoln driver, 66-year-old Doris Walters, died as a result of her injuries. Another motorist was treated for minor injuries sustained in the crash.

Two more vehicles collided during the traffic backup caused by the 18-wheeler accident, bringing the total involved in the chain-reaction crash to nine.

All main lanes of Highway 59 were shut down for an extended period of time and drivers expressed frustration as traffic backed up for miles.

It pretty much took like an hour to go two miles, said Nikki Trembath.

Another driver, John Ramos,said there was another fatal wreck in the same area recently.

It s in the evening rush, everybody is hurrying to get home, [traffic] comes in from four lanes and all of a sudden it drops to two lanes and it just backs up; that s the majority of the reason for the wrecks, he said. You can t stop a truck on a dime, when everything backs up, you re actually just on your own by a prayer, he said.

Traffic returned to normal around midnight.

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