HOUSTON Women s groups are furious over a controversial new video game that allows players to slap scantily-clad women if they don t cooperate.

Duke Nukem Forever hit store shelves on Tuesday after 14 years of development delays. Plano-based Gearbox Software finally took over and was able to finish programming the first-person shooter.

The point of the game is to rescue women from aliens, said Steve Gibson, a Gearbox spokesman, who added that the game was rated mature for a reason and that it s intended for adults.

Other games, like the Grand Theft Auto series, have pushed the envelope when it comes to violence against women. But critics of Duke Nukem Forever say it s taking that idea to a whole new level.

It allows players to slap women from behind as they re being rescued from aliens.

Sex and violence are very intertwined now, which is a tragedy in this country, said Dr. Jacsun Shaw, a member of the Houston Women s Group. I think (the game) should be banned. Will it be banned? No.

The game costs $59 for Xbox and Playstation 3 and $49 for the PC version.

To me, it s just a matter of opinion, said teenager Gerrard James, who wants to buy the game. I personally think it s very appropriate.

His father views playing video games with his son as simply a way to spend time with him and says it s up to parents to monitor what their kids play.

I haven t seen the game, said Greg James, his father. But they re video games. As long as you teach your children how to put things in perspective, then that s all it s going to be: a game.

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