HOUSTON -- A Houston man spent almost ten years on death row for a crime he didn't commit and now, because of a technicality, the state is refusing to give him compensation so he is fighting back.

Clarence Brandley was wrongly convicted of rape and murder and spent nine years on death row before he was exonerated. He was released from death row in 1990.

Last Thursday the Texas Comptroller s Office sent a letter to Brandley saying that his claim for compensation did not meet the actual innocence requirement of the Texas Code, Section 103.051(b-1).

Brandley and his supporters, led by his brother Rev. Ozell Brandley, announced Wednesday that they are taking action to hold Texas accountable for its wrongful convictions.

We will hold those public officials accountable for their actions of refusing compensation for those who were wrongfully imprisoned, Ozell Brandley said. Their careers should be over if they cannot dispense justice. My brother Clarence and the families of the wrongfully convicted and well as the victims families deserve more.

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