FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas Tricia Szabo is used to fighting battles, but not like the ones she s faced because of feral hogs.

We re just not able to repair this every single time. I gave up last year, she said of damage caused by the hogs in her Cinco Ranch yard.

She put chicken wire around her flower beds in 2008 to keep the hogs out, but she had to take it down three months later after her HOA asked her to.

She said the HOA then sued her, claiming she never removed the wire.

The fine? $20 a day, plus 18 percent interest, for 400 days and counting.

We are at a loss as to what to do, Szabo said.

Feral hogs have been a major problem in Szabo s neighborhood for years.

As the years have gone past, they ve gotten a lot more aggressive and a lot more destructive. A lot more frequent, Fort Bend County resident Brandi Gibson said.

Sometimes, as seen on home video shot near George Bush Park, the hogs travel in herds of more than 20, tearing up whatever they pass.

But even that s not the worst of Szabo s problems these days.

We got a letter on Saturday telling us that our house is now posted at the courthouse as a foreclosure, she said.

It s being foreclosed on, because the Cinco Ranch HOA claims she hasn t paid her annual dues. The HOA said it s not because of the chicken wire fines, but Szabo isn t so sure.

Apparently, they re going to take our house with the homeowners dues, and the best I can figure is, then they re going to take us to court for this, she said.

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