HOUSTON Rep. Al Green said Monday he will ask the Justice Department to investigate after a video surfaced last week showing four Houston police officers beating a 15-year-old burglary suspect.

The video in question shows Houston police officers kicking and punching Chad Holley repeatedly during a burglary arrest in March.

Rep. Green, D-Houston, announced his decision during a news conference Monday.

Because justice demands it and because I believe it s the right thing to do, I will ask the Justice Department to investigate all aspects of the circumstances surrounding the Chad Holley apprehension, said Green. This is really about justice for all, if we re to truly have justice for every one of us we have to have justice for any one of us.

Police say Holley was arrested after a brief chase on suspicion he and three others burglarized a home. Holley s mother has said her son s nose was fractured and he limped after the alleged beating.

The four officers were fired. They are to be tried on various charges.

Holley, now 16, was convicted in October in juvenile court of burglary and put on probation.

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