LEAGUE CITY, Texas Police blame a roving band of teenagers for egging several cars Saturday.

At about the same time, the owner of an ice cream truck reported having the back windows of the treat mobile shot out by someone using an air gun.

The initial reports of teens tossing eggs at cars started Friday night, according to League City police records.

There were seven reported instances of cars being egged with many describing the culprits as four teens riding in a white Ford Mustang.

Two of the attacks happened on Bonita Way on the city s east side, while there were five reports of eggings on the city s west side, including three on Crane Hawk Lane and another not far away on Mangrove Bend Drive and another on Waxwing Drive.

There was no indication of whether police made any arrests or if citations were issued.

Not far from the eggings on Crane Hawk and Mangrove Bend, the owners of an ice cream truck in the 6100 block of Galloway reported having the back windows of the truck shot out overnight Saturday morning.

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