HOUSTON -- A man accused of being a serial peeping Tom pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing and was sentenced Thursday to 180 days in jail.

Last year, Tracey Gabel said she and her 4-year-old daughter were in a restroom of the Cafe Express in Meyerland when she caught Lincoln Moreno watching them from the next stall.

Police said he had a briefcase and a recording device.

Moreno held his head down in court as Gabel spoke to him.

The things you have done to children are reprehensible, you are a parent's worst nightmare, said Gabel. I pray for the day when I can go to a restroom and not have fear, the day I can close my eyes and not see your face laying on the floor, staring back at us.

Moreno has a long history of similar crimes with light sentences. Gabel is now pushing state lawmakers to pass tougher laws against this type of crime.

Prosecutors charged Moreno with sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child on Thursday after a relative came forward with allegations that she was abused.

After 11 News first aired the story about Moreno allegedly peeping last October, several of his relatives called us and said he sexually abused them years ago.

Now they are sharing their stories with police and the Harris County District Attorney s Office.

I feel a lot embarrassed, said his 36-year-old daughter who does not want to be identified.

She said she recently learned he had been convicted of molesting her about 30 years ago.

The crimes he faces are not misdemeanors, but felonies. If convicted, he could face years behind bars.

I m sorry that it had to be this way, and I feel sorry for him, and I am going to pray for the rest of his life, and ours, that things will get better, said his daughter.

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