MISSOURI CITY, Texas Two strangerswho lived blocks from each other in Missouri City had a brief encounter Sunday thatended withone of them dead.

Roberto Jaimungal, 31, had been to the grocery store when he crossed paths with Vanson Nguyen, who was headed home from church.

Police believe Jaimungal screeched to a stop behind Nguyen at a red light on Lexington and Brightwater, just missing him. Both men drove away.

Jaimungal s fiance, Lauren Johnson, said Jaimungal was unloading groceries in the upscale Lakes of Brightwater subdivision when Nguyen pulled up.

He asked, Why did you follow us? Johnson said. As soon as he said that, I heard gunshots.

Johnson called 911.

Please, come on now. Please, she pleaded to the911 operator. He s outside in the street. I m in the street with him. It s like he s on his last leg. Please come on. Please. Please.

It was too late.

I lay down beside him. He was still breathing when I was lying on the street with him, Johnson said. Then they said there s nothing more we could do for him. I watched him go.

While police rushed to the scene, Vanson Nguyen also called 911. According to police, Nguyen told the operator he d just shot a man after the man approached his vehicle and started punching him.

The call was very calm in nature, said Missouri City Police Capt. John Bailey. We have developed solid evidence that discredits the suspect.

I don t know what sparked this, Johnson said. I just don t know what could bring someone to follow someone home and pull a gun on them.

Jaimungal had a job interview this week. He worked in IT. He was outgoing and enjoyed being in the spotlight, according to relatives.

Nguyenwas the band leader at his church, Vietnamese Alliance, according to his family. He was on his way home from a band practice.

Nguyenhas a concealed handgun license. His family says he s a business owner and carried the gun for protection.

Nguyen sbond was set at $80,000.

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