ROSENBERG, Texas-A Rosenberg man believes he found a chupacabra in his barn.

And he should know - Jerry Avery is a taxidermy student.

Could this be a chupacabra?
September 1, 2009

Avery said he'd seen the hairless, dog-like beast roaming around his barn before, but it apparently got into some poison and died.

He took the carcass to his taxidermy school north of San Antonio, where it was frozen.

"The front legs seem to be a little bit longer than a typical coyote, very irregular.? Never seen any that have legs that long," Avery said. "It's definitely something I don't want to throw away. I think it will be an interesting mount and a tremendous conversation piece."

Avery said he plans to preserve the beast so people can see it for themselves.

The last person who claimed to see a chupacabra in Texas was a Dewitt County Sheriff's deputy.

He out on a deserted road.

About a year before that, a similar-looking animal was found by a rancher in Cuero.

DNA testing eventually proved that "chupacabra" was just a coyote.

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