Cy Fair ISD Wrestling
January 9, 2008

CYPRESS- The Cy Fair ISD dual meet took place Jan. 8. With over 55 teams present, over 1300 wrestlers, 15 boys' weight classes and 10 girls' weight classes the meet looked to be a success. With Cy Fair, Cy Falls, Jersey Village, Cy Lakes, Cy Ranch, Cy Ridge, Langham Creek, and Cy Springs present, the lack of competition was not an issue.

The sound of counting and stretching was present as the dual JV/Varsity wrestling meet began. Wrestlers clipped their nails, prepared their singlets and began to focus for the meet at hand. The meet commenced with the girls 119 lbs. category, two year wrestler Amber Stokes went head to head with Jersey Village's, Staci Leitko. Stokes and Leitko stared each other down as Leitko made the first move but was countered by Stokes with a quick takedown for 2 points. Leitko managed to gain momentum and takedown Stokes for a point. After a brief struggle and tie up in the center of the mat, Stokes controlled the pace of the match but taking down Leitko, Stokes prevailed in pinning Leitko for the win with a half nelson.

The girls' 128 lbs. of Cy Falls', Crystal Puentes vs. Jersey Village's, Sonia Rivera checked in and took their places on the mat. Puente makes the first move for a takedown for 2 points. Rivera recovers from the take down nearly pinning Puentes as she attempts to reverse Rivera's takedown.

"Crystal, you've gotta move!" Head wrestling Coach James Miller yelled to Puentes as she struggled to break free from Rivera's grip. With the advantage, Puentes attempts to pin Rivera but is once again tied up in the center of the mat. Rivera goes for a half nelson ending with Puentes with the disadvantage. Puentes begins the third period struggling to break free from Rivera's pin but is unsuccessful as Jersey Village takes the pin and the win.

The 148 girls' category of Ashlea Ramirez and Jersey Village's own, Cecilia Abad faced off. After the whistle was blown starting the match, Abad and Ramirez tie up as each tries to shoot for the pin early. Ramirez attempts to receive a takedown with an arm bar. Ramirez breaks free and struggles to pin as Abad refused to stay down. Ramirez fought back to work over an arm bar for a pin, however unsuccessful. Abad tries to bridge and roll as Ramirez wins 3 points for a near fall as she tries to pin. As the third period begins, Ramirez shoots for a half nelson as Abad once again tries to fight the pin but is ineffective as Ramirez wins the pin 37 seconds into the third period.

After the long rally of Ramirez and Abad, the boys' 125 lbs division of Justin Zorn and Jersey Village's Khang Tran meet in the center of the mat to begin the match. Zorn immediately shoots for the knees as Khang quickly counters earning a takedown as Zorn scrambles to reverse. Tran escapes Zorn's attempted pin and is once again on top. After Zorn's long struggle, Tran wins the pin as well as the match.

The 140 lbs category of Antwoine Smith and Jersey Village's Eric Umanzor faced off, Smith began the match strong, throwing Umanzor for a takedown. Umanzor struggles against Smith's quick throws as Smith attempts a half nelson. Umanzor tries to bridge and roll with no avail. Umanzor and Smith tie up as Smith shoots for the knees in an attempt to finish the period with a pin. The second period began as Smith spins Umanzor; Umanzor quickly reverses and obtains a near takedown. Smith struggled beneath Umanzor's arm bar; a too tired Smith succumbs to exhaustion as Umanzor takes the win.

The 152 lbs division of Alex Pham and John Abushear began with Abushear drawing first blood with the first takedown of the match. Abushear tries to take Pham down but Pham adeptly reverses. Pham manages to prevail for a takedown but Pham is denied with a near pin from Abushear. Pham resisted beneath Abushear's crafty moves and tight grips. Abushear moves in taking advantage of Pham's fatigue. Abushear drives Pham to the mat for a pin.

Cy Falls' Kyle Scott and Jersey Village's Cameron Lindsey showed down in the 160 lbs category. Scott frantically shoots for a takedown; Lindsey immediately attempts a half nelson, winning the match with a pin.

The 171 lbs. category of Chris Sowards and Jersey Village's, Kevin Hunter faced off. Sowards attempts to takedown as Hunter tries to drop and turn. Sowards shoots for a half nelson as Hunter makes an effort to bridge and roll. With no luck, Sowards wins the pin 1:59 into the first period.

The 180 lbs. division of Xavier Davis and Tom Li went head to head. Li holds Davis as Davis tries to escape; Davis is denied and taken to the mat once again. Davis squirms under Li's potential half nelson. Li remains on top for the remainder of the first period. Li sits and rolls from Davis' half nelson. Li receives a point for a reversal. Davis tries to bridge and roll from Li's hold but Li's strength and endurance triumphed, winning him the match and the pin.

The 215 lbs. group of Michael Mason and Peter Lam begins as Mason immediately shoots for a pin. Successfully pinning Lam 51 seconds into the first period.

The last match of the night, the 289 lbs. category of Cy Falls' Gennero Barbato and Jersey Village's own, Justin Franco start their match. Barbato and Franco tie up as Franco shoots for the legs and attempts a lift. After being denied, Barbato tries for a half nelson as Franco manages to sit back and avoid the pin. With persistence, Franco takes down Barbato with a head in arm as Barbato nearly escapes a pin. Barbato shoots for a half nelson as Franco tries but fails in flipping Barbato for a takedown. Barbato pulls back for a half nelson as Franco is denied his bridge and roll reversal, resulting in a pin and win for Barbato.

The meet ended with Cy Falls victorious 48-32.

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