HOUSTON -- Harris County Sheriff s Deputies released surveillance video Thursday of three armed men barging into a T-Mobile store on FM 1960 in NW Harris County. They pistol-whipped several people, sending at least two to the hospital.

Now that surveillance video is the focus of the investigation to find those men.

In the video you can see three armed men tear through the front door, carrying bags and covering their faces with bandanas.

They hold employees at gunpoint, demanding cash and phones, loud enough for a woman in a neighboring business to hear. Frightened, she wanted to remain anonymous.

She said, I heard somebody say I want all the money, give me all the money and all the phones. So that s when I went and I grabbed the phone and I called 911.

By the time Harris County Deputies got there, the robbers had made off with around 80 cell phones, valued at $400 each, plus cash from the safe, investigators are not releasing how much money was stolen.

But the true toll came in injuries to employees and customers. The video shows one of robbers beating someone with a gun.

Deputies say the men pistol-whipped an elderly customer and several employees in the back of the head. Witnesses tell KHOU 11 one of the injured employees is pregnant, at least two had to go to the hospital.

That s sad and they re innocent, they don t deserve that, said Andrea Sims, who works in another nearby business. They don t know what these people have been through. They don t know them, it just happened.

That recklessness makes employees all over the strip mall worried about just how dangerous these men could be.

Businesses are locking their doors, and security guards now keep a watchful eye outside the T-Mobile.

I hope they re caught, because if they re not, maybe they ll come back later on, but I really hope they do get caught soon, said Sims.

Harris County Sheriff s Deputies hope so too. They re asking everyone to look closely at the men s faces, eyes, clothing, and hoping someone will recognize something and come forward.

Witnesses say the men took off in a black 2002 to 2005 Chevy Impala.

Harris County Deputies are asking anyone with information to call them or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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