HOUSTON -- TwoHouston firefighters were honored Wednesday as Firefighter of the Year.

Theheroes are from Ladder 18: Cpt. Brad Hawthorne and Engine operator Dewayne Wyble.

They were honored for their part in a rescue of a trapped construction worker on March 25, 2014. It was a multiple-alarm fire on West Dallas Street. The two other firefighters, Luis Bernal and Luis Gonzales, were also this year's finalist.

Thirty-one years, this is the highlight of a career. You never expect it, you go about doing your job every day, said Wyble.

It's awesome, it's not something you expect -- awesome to be honored this way, said Hawthorne.

Wyble was down below steering the ladder. Through smoke and flames, Hawthorne was reaching for the construction worker. The amazing rescue was caught on camera.

They deserve all the glory,I m the guy running from the flames, and they're running into it to saves knuckleheads like me, said Curtis Reissig, the construction worker.

Flames were bearing down on Reissig. He decided to drop the unfinished balcony below, until he was rescued.

GotCurtis in my hands and told him to sit down,Dewayne started to spin the ladder and the fifth floor had a catastrophic collapse, said Reissig.

The death defying drop from the fifth-floor balcony went viral.

Somebody says, hey man, it's on YouTube, so one of the guys had a phone and we looked it up onYouTube and then you open your eyes and say, Wow, it's closer thanIthought, said Wyble.

Minutes after the heroic rescue, theheroes called their wives to tell them they're alive.

She asked me how close was it, you try to down play it a little bit, you learn over the years -- down play it a little, that way you don't get in too much trouble when you get home, said Hawthorne.

If it wasn't for them, Iwouldn't be here, said Reissig.

The firefighters say they've been working together for about 15 years and they know what they're each thinking.


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