HUTTO, Texas -- We always celebrate when pets finally find their forever homes, but it's extra special for seven beagles in Hutto Tuesday night.

These animals face a much bigger adjustment than you might expect.

Seven beagles spent their entire lives inside a lab. They were used for testing household products.

These new arrivals were carried in carefully one by one into the backyard of a Hutto dog owner who is fostering one of the creatures.

The first thing the beagles did once released from was sniff the grass. One was even munching on it.

A non-profit called Beagle Freedom Project has worked out a deal with an unnamed lab somewhere near the Texas-Mexico border to release these animals into their care so they can be adopted. It is a fate far better than what they usually face. Rescuers say most labs kill these animals after they've served their purpose.

The group has rescued more than 200 beagles worldwide in the past four years.

These animals do not want to release these dogs and they don't want to do it, as they told me, they don't want the world to know they test on dogs. Even if we don't release the name of the lab, the industry doesn't want the public to know this even though it's legal and companies do it all the time, said Shannon Keith with Beagle Freedom Project.

Rescuers say of the dogs used around the world for lab research, 96 percent of them are beagles because of their sweet and docile demeanor.

Go here for more information on the Beagle Freedom Project. Go here to see a list of companies who do not test on animals.

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