HOUSTON -- All drivers usually see is crumpled metal, shattered glass and flashing lights. But up close the picture is far more gruesome.

Bodies that have been mangled, torn, decapitated and burned, said Deputy David Pearson. That really hits us hard.

Deputy Pearson has seen the death up close for 32 years. He's an accident reconstructionist with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. He recreates the tragic scenes.

Almost have to look at the bodies as just mannequins, otherwise, this is something we couldn't do on a daily basis, said Pearson.

He thought he'd seen it all, but in just the last eight days, even he can't believe what he's seeing.

It's something I haven't seen in 32 years I've been working here, he said.

Nine people dead in just two crashes. At the hands of two men who made a life changing decision.

They became killers on those two nights, said Sheriff Adrian Garcia. Children were killed, families were wiped out.

With the July 4th weekend just around the corner, Harris County wants to make sure no more lives are lost. In Texas, 30 percent of roadway fatalities involve alcohol. In Harris County, that number jumps to a whopping 65 percent.

People just aren't listening and these things are just getting worse, Pearson said.

So if you're not going to listen, Pearson hopes you at least open your eyes and realize behind the mangle metal people are dying.

Seeing is believing, said Pearson. That in and of itself, seeing that should get people to think twice about it.

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