HOUSTON A Houston police officer was injured during a multi-vehicle accident on the Southwest Freeway early Sunday, police said.

According to the Houston Police Department, it happened around midnight on the northbound lanes near South Gessner.

Investigators said a car with a suspected drunk driver was heading north on the Southwest Freeway when it ran out of gas and stalled in the middle lane.

Another car stopped behind the stalled car assist the driver, police said. That is when a pickup truck slammed on his brakes to stop, and there was an HPD officer behind the pickup, who could not stop in time.

The police cruiser slammed into the side of the pickup truck, and then side swiped a wrecker that was stopped in front of all the cars, police said.

Police said the pickup had black covers over their break lights, which was not very bright. The HPD officer could not tell the truck was stopping.

The female HPD officer was the only person injured during accident. She was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital with minor injuries.

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