DALLAS -- It's like a little chemistry lab.

Young kids, mixing essential oils to help with everything from anxiety to acid reflux.

Summer Gibson says these changed her family's life.

In the doctor's office 24-7, that's where I was before this, she said.

Her daughter has clinical anxiety and sensory processing disorder. The journey to help her ended here, with the essential oils. They are concentrated, plant-based oils that promise a natural remedy.

Nothing we were doing was working, so we started the essential oils and [saw] change in her behavior and emotional well being, Gibson said.

After tracking the progress, Gibson added oils into everything for her family, from shampoo to dish soap.

We apply them topically and put them in bath water, we add them in her food and diffuse them in her room, Gibson said.

From chronic fatigue to cold sores, cold to colic, there are cheat sheets that show every ailment and the essential oil to match. But is it all really safe?

I think there is data to back up that they do have a place, and they should not be discounted, Dr. Melissa Rubeinstein said.

Rubeinstein is a dermatologist with Texas Health Dallas and said the oils can be a good addition to prescribed medicines, but she warns there are side affects.

Sometimes you can have some sensitivities, like allergic reactions, sometimes burning on the skin, or headaches, she said.

Dr. Rubeinstein warns against using them straight.

They're very concentrated -- usually they recommend diluting them down with a solution, so it's not quite as intense, she said.

But ask Leigh Attaway Wilcox, and she says the pure stuff is the good stuff. Her 8-year-old couldn't beat his acid reflux, until she starting giving him lemon and peppermint oils.

Within a week, the acid reflux was gone, and he wasn't having issues anymore, she said.

For common issues like skin rashes, allergies, and eczema, Wilcox said lavender oil brings relief.

All the oils come from herbs, shrubs, flowers, etc.

In the plant, the oils are considered the life blood of the plant, and they can help the plant heal, Wilcox said.

That healing power has people flocking to essential oil parties now. They can range from $11 a bottle to $200.

But these ladies say to live a better, and more chemical- and medication-free life, it's worth the investment.


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