HOUSTON A Houston-area plastic surgeon not only administers Botox injections, butis part of the growing male population now getting wrinkle relaxers.

There are three kinds: Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

A couple of pricks and it s done in seconds with little to no bleeding.

Ok, off to work, easy breezy, said Dr. Clayton Moliver

Botox for men, or bro-tox is becoming more popular, he said.

We re seeing it. We re seeing guys come in and saying I don t want these deep creases anymore. I don t want to look tired anymore. I don t want to look angry anymore, said Dr. Moliver.

With Father s Day around the corner, what better time to treat your dad to the best thing money can buy: a youthful glow. Dr. Moliver said it only takes five to seven days to see the full effects.

It just prevents the muscles in the face that give you those wrinkles from working, said Dr. Kendall Roehl, a plastic surgeon.

He said the treatments last three to four months.

What am I going to buy for dad this year? What am I going to get my husband this year? So this might be something they could consider doing. Give it a try, said Dr. Moliver.

Depending on the amount needed for an injection, the eyebrow area, called the glabella, could cost around $200.

It s an anti-aging tool that s not just for mom anymore.

Father s Day is coming up, let s get some brotox, said Dr. Moliver.

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