HARRISCOUNTY, Texas The weather has formed a particularly difficult cycle for some businesses in West Harris County where the rising water has been keeping customers away.

During droughts in years past, employees at Greenfeet Lawn and Landscape on Saums Road might have prayed to the rain gods. But that was not the case Wednesday.

On Tuesday night it was dry, but today supervisor David McCravy was wading across the lot.

It ll dry out, he said. I mean it s, we re just meant to flood here.

In this section of West Harris County, many people blamed Mayde Creek.

On Monday it started to swell. With more rain on Tuesday, it spilled onto nearby roads. With a little more rain today, the corner of Greenhouse and Saums were flowing with a current.

Floating like an island in the middle of it was Fazal Qazi s gas station.

It looks like a bayou, he said, Absolutely, that s bad business.

He does not know the number of customers he lost on account of the weather, but he knows it could not have come at a worse time of day for commuters. Most of the rain fell in the early morning hours.

Just up the road from him, Cullen Park was completely under water. Some vehicles were stuck.

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