PORTLAND, Oregon -- If you're like most people, you probably have many on-line accounts, from Facebook to airline reward programs.

But, what happens to your digital footprint after you pass to the great beyond?

It's probably the last thing on your mind. While only 50% of us have a will, nearly 90% don't give a second thought to their digital imprint on the world.

Portland based WebCease believes it has the answer to help your loved ones deal with what you've left behind.

Founder Glenn Williamson got the idea after his mother died. He was in charge of the estate.

It meant long hours trying to find out where her digital presence was located.

WebCease searches several areas of the internet.

We search through the top loyalty accounts, shopping accounts, online accounts, said Williamson. And we just find out if there was an account and then we instruct the family what their end of life options are.

Williamson says WebCease does not require any identifiable information including passwords that could lead to online identify theft.

After a year and half of research, the company just went public about three weeks ago.

There are two services available, one for estate lawyers and one for individuals.

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