HOUSTON -- Mother s Day is this Sunday, and for one Houston mom, it s going to be bittersweet. She ll celebrate with her five children, but mourn the loss of another child.

Jacquay Young is a mother of five, singer and independent film producer. Today she s at home with her two youngest children, 15-month-old Khloe and Kennedy, while her 12-year-old, 10-year-old, and four-year-old are all at school.

With five children things are nonstop, but this Mother s Day Young looks forward to a simple celebration at home. Last year it was spent at the hospital watching over her babies and mourning another.

I was running back and forth from the hospital during Mother s Day, she said. My Mother s Day present then was (that) they re alive.

This year it s all of us are home, she said.

At just 22-and-a-half weeks Young delivered three baby girls. The very first was born with an infection that would prove to be fatal.

Baby Kendall survived two months.

I m holding this baby. She s passing away and I m getting to rock her to heaven, Young said.

Kendall s tiny heart-shaped urn sits on the fireplace mantel.

My heart felt numb at a certain point, she said.

Smith said she didn t have much time to mourn, she had her other children to care for.

The surviving babies remained in the hospital for seven months, undergoing surgery and gaining strength.

Today they re healthy, vibrant and very busy.

Young loves every moment.

Being at home with the girls is like Mother s Day every day.

Her love is abundant for all of her babies, especially the one in Heaven.

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