PASADENA, Texas Several people and business have offered to help a 700-pound Pasadena man who needed a special bed.

Robert Manuel was featured in aKHOU 11 story on Tuesday; the 38-year-old lost some 300 pounds since being hospitalized, but can no longer fit in a normal bed.

Bariatric beds can cost thousands of dollars and the family has been struggling for more than a month with insurance and red tape to get one delivered.

After seeing our story, Vance Hale from the Concierge Nursing home offered to donate a bed to the family.

We had a bed sitting there, so wedecided to give it to someone who can get some use out of it, said Hale. We re trying to help people out, that s what we do in our community.

Before the bed was delivered, goodSamaritan Randy Hartley brought a check to the family to help pay for Manuel s medical bills and his weight loss.

When he looked into the camera and said I need help buying a bed, I felt he was looking right at me, said Hartley.

Manuel, who suffers from clubfoot, an infection in his legs, and lymph edema, can barely move. The former truck driver s weight problem has been caused in partby a lifelong medical condition.His doctor has put him on a special diet and his family hopes he can get close to a normal weight.

Thank you all for helping me, said Manuel. I always knew there were good people out there.

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