HOUSTON A mother of two narrowly avoided becoming a crime victim one afternoon this week. She was home when a stranger came to the door.

My worst fear was that he would kill me and my children, said Cherilyn Keeney.

In the middle of the day, a man parked in her driveway, walked up and rang the door bell and when no one answered, he tried to get inside the home.

When I heard a loud crash against the door and I had no idea what it was, said Keeney. I thought maybe my husband was home early from work.

The stay-at-home mother acted quickly realizing it wasn t her husband.

I grabbed my cell phone and grabbed my babies and ran to a safe part of the house to hide and call 911, said Keeney. If he knew someone was home he would leave, and thank God he did.

For now, the neighborhood will be on alert.

If he would ve come to my door and not banged against it he would ve looked really unassuming and like a nice guy, said Keeney.

It s a lesson learned for Keeney that the bad guys don't always look the part.

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