AUSTIN, Texas -- The Austin Police Department plans to release dashboard camera video of two officers shooting and killing a 4-year-old Pit Bull named Roscoe on Prock Lane in East Austin on April 18.

The case is still under investigation, so the video is under Administrative Review. APDsays once everyone on the chain-of-command views the video they will release it to the public.

They estimate that will be done sometime Tuesday afternoon.

An Austin police lieutenant told KVUE News Monday evening that the two officers involved in the shooting weren t left with a choice.

Lt. Michael Eveleth says it happened as officers were responding to an auto theft call in the 4000 block of Prock Lane, just off of Springdale Road, around 8:30 p.m. on April 18.

The lieutenant says the officers saw the dog aggressively barking and asked a man in the yard to secure him but there was no time. Roscoe escaped through a hole in the fence and charged towards the officers.

One officer fired his gun and knocked Roscoe down. When Roscoe got back up and went towards another officer, police say the second officer took aim, fired and killed the Pit Bull.

Eveleth says the video shows it's obvious that the dog was aggressive, making a bee line for the officers.

It was also very obvious to me that after the dog was shot, the officers were very upset and distraught about having to do that, Eveleth said. No officer anywhere wants to shoot and kill anything. It was clear to me they were upset about this. It was also clear to me they had no choice but to do this.

Roscoe's owners say he had no history of violence, and that he got excited because police approached his home unannounced. They also saidhe wasn't ready to attack, that he was just barking and that the second shot actually came as Roscoe was retreating back into the house.

The dog's owner tells KVUE the dog was docile, and it doesn't have a history of violent behavior.

Roscoe got out and I guess when the cops arrived he was offensive, the owner said. He wasn't ready to attack, but he was ready to bark and he was going on.

The incident is under investigation. Lt. Eveleth says he does not see anything on the video that would indicate the officers violated policy.

This is not the first time Austin Police responded to a dog call at the address on Prock lane.
Since 2010 they have been called out there four different times.
No word on if those calls involved the same dog killed in this incident.

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