HOUSTON -- CPSofficials say the five-year-old boy who was found beaten and malnourished in a closet has been released into the care of his great aunt.

He was released from Children's Protective Services custody on Thursday, officials say.

Investigators said it was March 27 when the child was found in his diaper in a small closet by his 16-year -old brother at a home in Spring. The teen confronted his father, Bradley Bleimeyer, and they got into a fist fight.

Deputies arrested and charged Bradley Bleimeyer and the victim s stepmother, Tammi Bleimeyer, with felony child endangerment.

Investigators said the boy weighed about 30 pounds and was found with his bones popping out and skin peeling off his back.

The child s biological mother said she was unaware of his living conditions and told KHOU11 News she was not allowed to see the boy, who is her only son.

Family members said they think the boy was living in those conditions for one year.

Now the boy's relatives are thanking the 16-year-old stepbrother for making the discovery.

The biological mother visited the child while he was in the hospital and sought custody, but a judge granted temporary custody to the great-aunt instead.

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