PASADENA, Texas A tragic scene unfolded in a Pasadena neighborhood early Wednesday.

A 17-year-old girl found her parents dead after hearing shots fired, according to Pasadena police.

The husband shot his wife to death and then killed himself inside their home on W. Bird near Shaver Street, according to Pasadena Police Spokesman Vance Mitchell.

Investigators say the wife wanted out of the marriage.

Apparently she was in the process of filing for a divorce and apparently the husband did not want the divorce, Mitchell said.

Relatives gathered outside the home as authorities finished the grim task of collecting evidence. The couple s daughter left the house with loved ones.

She was very distraught and it s very tough on the kid at this age. I think she has a little older brother and this is the tragic part of this, Mitchell said.

The victims names have not been released.

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