HOUSTON A company called HUVrTech claims to have made a hoverboard just like the one on Back to the Future 2. Also, check out leaked video of a possible Siri competitor made by Microsoft. This and more in today s Tech Talk.

== ATMs still running Windows XP ==
(CNN) -- An estimated 95% of American bank ATMs run on Windows XP, and Microsoft is killing off tech support for that operating system on April 8. That means Microsoft will no longer issue security updates to patch holes in Windows XP, leaving those ATMs exposed to new kinds of cyberattacks. If banks fail to upgrade their ATMs to a newer version of Windows by April, customers might be at risk. If hackers discover new flaws in Windows XP, those bugs will go unaddressed, leaving attackers free to exploit them. Click here to read more at

== Microsoft s Siri in the works? ==
(CNET) -- One of the main new features of Windows Phone 8.1 -- the personal digital assistant code-named Cortana -- has made a brief, unofficial video debut. The site posted a 2-plus-minute video clip to YouTube showing what seems to be Cortana in action. Though the speaking voice of Cortana isn't revealed, a few new tidbits are. Click here to read more at

== Video of a real hoverboard on YouTube ==
Who hasn t watched Back to the Future 2 and wished they had Marty McFly's hoverboard? A company called HUVrTech claims to have made the real thing, offering up video proof on YouTube. They even enlisted celebs like Christopher Lloyd (of BTTF) and Tony Hawk to use the board, which is seen flying around several inches to several feet off the ground. So is it real? Highly unlikely. Is it fun to watch? Yes. This is probably the result of some company s viral marketing scheme. As one user on Reddit pointed out, to even get those kind results would require a lot of electricity something today s small batteries can t provide for any substantial length of time. Watch the video on YouTube, click here.

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