DALLAS Aaron Fennell's mind keeps replaying the horror.

I actually walked over to the bridge, looked over the ledge, and the firefighter was down there, the 25-year-old said emotionally.

Fennell was on his way home from work Monday night when his vehicle hit a patch of ice and spun out on the Clark Road bridge over Interstate 20.

Dallas firefighter Scott Tanksley happened to be working nearby at the time.

He walks towards me and says, 'Are you OK? Are you OK?' Fennell recalled.

Tanksley asked Fennell to get back in his car for his own safety.

Then it happened.

The firefighter is probably about 10-15 yards ahead of me, Fennell recalled. I look up and there's another car just coming at me out of control. I just curled up. I just curled up and put my head down.

A Cadillac CTS hit Fennell's Dodge Charger and then Tanksley, knocking the firefighter off the five-and-half-story overpass and down to the I-20 ramp below.

Yeah, it was very emotional. There was no way I could get down there, Fennell said. He has a family. He has three children who are going to have to grow up without him. It just hit my heart.

What may hurt most is that Fennell couldn't do anything for the firefighter who had rushed to rescue him.

The driver of the Cadillac is a 52-year-old security guard, according to sources. It is unlikely he will be charged in the accident.

Scott Tanksley's body has been taken to a funeral home in Mabank pending funeral arrangements.

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