RICHMOND, Texas Residents of Richmond s Sierra Bend subdivision are fed up with cars using their neighborhood as a short cut to major roads.

They say the drivers often run stop signs, jump curbs and speed down Sierra Bend Parkway.

Tuesday morning, a car crashed into Bill Neumann s garage and drove away.

A neighbor saw what happened and took a quick photo of the car before it backed out of Neumann s driveway.

I just keep going back to what if my wife was there in the driveway loading one of the kids into the car, Neumann said. It infuriates me. It would infuriate any parent to think that something like that would happen.

The driver was eventually caught thanks to the photo.

Neighbors hope to get speed bumps or more stop signs in the area.

And so I really hope it doesn t come to that, but it might take someone getting hurt, said Joey Cox, another resident. And really, it just comes down to what do a couple stop signs cost versus someone s life?

They hope to convince their county commissioner to take action before anyone gets hurt... or worse.

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