HOUSTON A 34-year-old woman is in custody after deputies said she stole and pawned three horse saddles taken from a barn and horse trailer in northwest Houston last summer.

Marquisha Raschele Jackson, of Houston, is charged with theft after she allegedly took the three saddles, two of which were valued at $1,950, from a private property located in the 14600 block of Tomball Parkway, court documents state.

According to an affidavit from the Harris County Sheriff s Office, deputies received a report of a burglary of the barn and trailer on June 11 where the owner stated that several items were taken including the three saddles. The owner told the deputies that one was a T.C. Cummings saddle and another was a Circle Wide Barrel saddle.

On Nov. 8, the owner received a call from a friend saying that he had just purchased a T.C. Cummings saddle from the Top Dollar Pawn Superstore, located in the 8200 block of the North Freeway, the affidavit states. The owner took a look at his friend s saddle and confirmed that it was the same one that was stolen from him nearly five months before.

The owner then provided a copy of the receipt from the purchase of the saddle from the pawn shop to investigators, who then followed up with the business, the affidavit states.

Investigators requested a copy of the pawn ticket, which stated that the saddle was one of two that had been pawned by Jackson on June 11. The pawn shop said that both saddles had already been sold.

Once investigators tracked down Jackson from the information on the ticket, she admitted to them that she had pawned the saddles, but claimed that someone had given them to her. However, she refused to identify the person that gave her the saddles and was eventually taken into custody.

Jackson is being held in custody with bail set at $2,000.

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