ALVIN, Texas -- For Emily Holden, every call could be the one with answers.

Her husband Patrick and his cousin Joe Squibb are lost in the Gulf of Mexico in a sailboat.

The last communication she got was a text on Sunday morning. Patrick Holden typed getting decent wind this morning.

They were going to Port Aransas to sail a boat back from Port Aransas to Galveston Bay, Holden explained.

Squibb bought the 25-foot boat with cream colored hull in Corpus Christi and recruited his cousin to help get it home.

But Holden said the men were supposed to be back yesterday.

It's total like terrified like scared worried thinking of the worst case scenario, she told us.

Holden admitted that she didn't like the idea from the start and is trying to explain to her four children why daddy is a day late and counting I don't like boats, Holden told us. I don't like water. I've seen Titanic.

Squibb's girlfriend said this is his first time in the Gulf. Tara Bajkowshi is hoping that they just got off track and are waiting in the warm cabin to be rescued.

The Coast Guard is searching 50 nautical miles offshore from Port Aransas to Galveston by air.

I take comfort that they're actually using a heat sensor airplane overnight, admitted Holden. She also explained that both resourceful, good swimmer and took plenty of food and water.

The Coast Guard requests anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of the sailboat or crew to contact the Coast Guard 8th District command center at (504) 589-6225.

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