HOUSTON Shots were fired Friday during an armored truck heist in front of the University Center on the University of Houston campus.

It happened at about 8 a.m. as the Loomis armored car made a pickup, UHofficials said. One employee was loading the ATM and the other was behind the wheel of the vehicle when they were ambushed.

A construction worker who witnessed the robbery said a man walked up to the vehicle and ordered the woman out.

He went up to her and said, Get out of the vehicle. She said, You got to be playing. He pulled a gun out. She was pregnant. She had to be about eight or nine months pregnant -- the driver, said Emilliano Garcia.

He said after the woman got out, the man took off in the armored truck. Two other suspects followed in a red pickup truck.

Witnesses said the truck guard who was loading the ATM chased the men on foot and fired shots, aiming to shoot out the tires, but it didn t work.

The witnesses said they couldn t believe what was happening.

Armed truck (robbery)? I understand like cell phones and that type of thing. But armed truck? That s a big one. That s pretty intense, said Luis daniels, a student.

Jimmy Kim, another student, agreed.

It worries me. We actually have made measures to make security on campus better. I work in the student government association. And that really concerns me to have that kind of activity here, he said.

The red pickup truck was later abandoned at the Planned Parenthood Center for Choice located in the 4600 block of the Gulf Freeway, police said. The armored truck was later found in a campus garage.

No one was injured during the shooting, according to the university.

Police were still searching for the thieves. The FBI and Houston Police Department are involved in the investigation.

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