HOUSTON Some big-hearted Houstonians are working to help a teen momand her family. They lost everything in a weekend fire.

Whitney Malone, 17, went into labor Saturday and gave birth to her daughter Kennedy a few hours later.

When she came, I was like, Oh she s so beautiful, Malone said. It just, like, warmed my heart.

Then came the phone call with devastating news. While they were at the hospital, a fire destroyed their apartment and everything inside including a year s worth of baby supplies. The family had just given Whitney a baby shower.

We had a stroller, playpen, clothes, diapers, all that and it s all gone now, a teary-eyed Whitney Malone said.

I lost everything, said Nikki Bell Malone, Whitney s mom.

Whitney s 10-year-old brother, Jordan, wasn t worried about his own losses.

My main focus is that to make my momma happy again, Jordan said after the fire.

While arson investigators work to figure out the cause of the fire, Nikki s co-workers went to work to help the family.

We were all rallying and thinking of ways to see what we can do help Nikki said Dr. Suzanne Bruce.

Nikki Malone has worked for the dermatologist for 16 years.

When you work together for 16 years, we re all like family, Dr. Bruce said. And if this happens to one of our family members, we would respond the same way, especially here at the holidays.

Strangers have donated a few thousand dollars to an online account.

We lost everything and we gained something better, Whitney said.

Malone s co workers will also be setting up a diaper drive. For more information go to the following website.

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