HOUSTON -- It's a new twist on an old scam. Instead of promising wealth over e-mail, scammers are sending death threats to cell phones.

Diana Hendrix got an unsettling message via text on Saturday.

It said someone paid me to kill you. I will spare you if you pay me $5,000 in two days, Hendrix said. If you inform the police, you will die. I am monitoring you.

Hendrix reported the incident to Houston Police, and officers told her they already received several complaints about similar threatening messages.

The FBI has also been getting complaints about this so-called Hitman Scam .

The messages come from foreign numbers and ask the recipient to respond to anonymous emails.

The death threat scam has been reported worldwide from Australia to Alaska.

I think that it evokes some sort of emotional response from myself and others, Hendrix said. It was definitely a look over your shoulders type of moment.

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