SPRING, Texas -- Marilyn Perez is furious at Beneke Elementary School because she says teachers lost her 5-year-old son.

Jose Gutierrez was supposed to be picked up by his father but after a mix-up, school officials allowed him to walk home alone.

Perez says a staff member asked the kindergartner, whether he walks or rides home, and Jose gave them the wrong answer.

It's the schools fault, Perez said. How do you ask a five-year-old that?

The boy was later found by a stranger, wandering near busy Bammel North Houston Road.

The lady picked him up and he was able to tell her where he lives.

Administrators helped the child's parents search, in fact, it was Berneke's prinicpal who found Jose, waiting in the office of his parent's apartment complex two hours later.

The Spring Independent School District says there are two exits at Beneke, one for children who walk home, the other for kids who ride.

For some reason, Jose left out of the wrong door.

Beneke Elementary School takes student safety very seriously, said District Communications Director Karen Garrison. The school administration has investigated the incident and is working with the parents to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

But Perez says an investigation isn't enough, she wants a staff member disciplined.

I need someone to be resonsible, this should not be taken lightly, my child went missing for two hours. she says.

The district wasn't able to say whether someone will face discipline because of the incident.

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