HOUSTON A substitute teacher for the Aldine Independent School District is off the job after she allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a student, but the teenager s family says police treated their son like the criminal.

It s something I ve never experienced before, said the 16-year-old Davis High School student, who said he also received inappropriate texts from the substitute teacher. All the attention is kind of making me lose focus in my work, and it s really hard, everybody knowing who I am, but not for the right reasons.

He said that s because when another teacher at the school saw the pictures on his phone, police were notified and then pulled him off the bus in front of everyone.

Why would Aldine ISD police take the rape victim, handcuff the victim, put him in the back of a police car, take him in the office and then intimidate him and threaten him about what happened. This is a victim. This is a child, said community activist Quanell X.

The student s mother also questioned the way the situation was handled.

I just don t understand the handcuff part at all, she said. I don t understand how they questioned him. I don t understand why they did not call me for maybe three to four hours.

There s not much in the way of a response from Aldine ISD. It issued a brief statement saying the investigation is ongoing, and that the substitute teacher is no longer allowed on any of its campuses.

Apparently she still hasn t been arrested.

To put him in a police car when he s the rape victim, the rapist was still on campus, said Quanell X.

Critics wonder how many other victims could be on campus.

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