HOUSTON A former CyFair volunteer EMT is in custody after police raided his home and found nearly a million dollars worth of encrypted police radios, investigators said.

KHOU 11 News is not identifying him because he has not been charged with anything yet.

The Houston Police Major Offenders Division found the police radios in the man's home. It would have enabled him to not only listen to officers, but talk to them as well.

AES encryption is for law enforcement, and in the wrong hands, it could be detrimental, said a Motorola representative who didn t want to be identified.

Investigators said the man got the radios by saying he needed them for his ambulance company, called Paramed, in Brookshire.

They were for a company, and we ve been trying to return them and Motorola does not wish to deal with us, the man said. We ve been trying to negotiate with them. They would rather have someone put in jail than negotiate when they screwed up and didn t send us the right equipment to start with, said the man in custody.

Police are now trying to figure out if the company ever existed.

Brookshire police officers said they drive by the company every day.

Looking at the truck it appears to be real, but I ve never seen it move. I don t know if it s real or not, said Officer Clyde Miller, with the Brookshire Police Department.

Officials are trying to figure out what the man was doing with the radios, and if he ever used them. Investigators said they founddog feces everywhere, dispatch systems and high-powered rifles inside the man s home.

Neighbors said they don t know what to think.

We ve been questioning them for a while. Some of the things that were going on like, Why you never open your blinds? Things like that, said Mary Lucks.

Police said they confiscated other medical equipment from the business and home. They re trying to figure out how he got the money in the first place.

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