Houston -- A southwest Houston man is aggravated because he s collected some good clues after his business was robbed last week, but no detectives have been assigned to his case yet.

Mohammad Javaid figures the crooks were lucky; not just because they got away with $28,000 in cash, but because Jaivid wasn t armed that day.

Lucky they are, Javaid said.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, two masked gunman stormed his Western Union and check cashing business on Chimney Rock just south of the Southwest Freeway.

They just said nobody move. Nobody is going to get hurt, said an employee who didn t want to be identified. One of the guys ran into the Western Union and started grabbing all the money and checking all the drawers.

The crooks did leave behind one bundle of cash, $87, all in ones. Security cameras captured it all on video and witness wrote down the crooks green pickup trucks Texas license plate number: BP86724 .

HPD patrol officers picked up the video and information Monday, but by Wednesday no robbery detectives have been assigned to the case yet.

Javaid was frustrated.

We gave the whole information to the police we were hoping it should be quick, Javaid said. Five days and we are still waiting.

Meantime, Javaid is doing what he can to keep his customers and employee safe. Jennifer Rodriguez has worked here three years. Rodriguez points to the bullet proof glass and the cameras saying she feels safe.

As for the glock, Javaid is licensed to carry it and has plenty of experience using it.

I was in the police too back in my country so I know how to use it, Javaid said.

He said he was a policeman for 15 years in Pakistan.

In Houston, patrol officers respond first to a crime, collecting evidence and taking statements as they did in this case. Often it can be a week or more before it s all turned over and assigned to a detective.

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