HOUSTON After the Texans performed miraculous escape acts the previous two weeks, you could say you saw this coming.

Cinderella turned into a pumpkin today in Baltimore.

This one was on everyone. Gary Kubiak s overly conservative play calling. Matt Schaub s inconsistency. A lack of aggressiveness and the instinct to attack on offense.

How much longer will they be throwing 4 yard passes when they need 6 and keep getting completely boneheaded penalties?

I can t remember the last time the Texans put four solid quarters together and like most of you Texans fans out there, yeah, I m angry too. How could they not be ready to play when they re in the home of the Super Bowl champions?

Where s the fire?

You notice how Indianapolis has very quickly gotten very good? Now the Texans have Seattle next week and the 49ers the week after and if they don t play smart, hard nosed football, they re going to be 2-3.

Now, it s only 3 games in but the trend does not bode well at all. Time to quit talking about getting better.

The fans and the organization deserve better than what we saw today.

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