HOUSTON The Spring Independent School District has decided to keep metal detectors at Spring High School for the entire school year.

The portable metal detectors were brought in as classes resumed Monday, and access to the school was limited to only two heavily-monitored entrances. Clear backpacks also became mandatory.

The metal detectors were originally scheduled to be removed from the campus next week. It s unclear what prompted the change, but parents had been speaking out about safety concerns.

Joshua Broussard, 17, was stabbed to death at Spring High School last week. Another 17-year-old student, Luis Alonzo Alfaro, is charged in his murder.

Alfaro allegedly confessed to stabbing Broussard in a fight that he said began with a bump. Broussard died in the school hallway and three other students were also injured. They were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for stab wounds and all were expected to survive.

Harris County Sheriff s deputies said the killing was gang-related.

Since the fatal stabbing, nearly 80 students have withdrawn from the school.

But some parents have decided to leave their child there, acknowledging the school s effort to fix things.

Welll, I did want him out of here, but I have to be calm about this, said Cinthya Rosario.

She said the tragedy has been an eye-opener for Spring ISD and administrators are responding well to what happened.

The district has been having a string of parent meetings. Attendance is limited to 75 parents and interested participants must register online.

We limited it to 75, so it could be a more intimate setting, said Spring ISD Director of Communications Karen garrison.

So far, all the meetings have filled up.

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