HOUSTON Remember that old MySpace account you stopped using in 2005? It s time to get rid of it, and a new website is here to help.

JustDelete.Me is a directory of websites, apps, and services with direct links to the form or page you need to delete your old online accounts or accounts you don't want anymore.

It s no secret that removing online accounts can sometimes be quite difficult. Even if a user deletion page exists, the website likely will bury it somewhere in its customer service section with hopes you will give up and not delete your account.

But JustDelete.Me makes it simpler than that. Click the service you want to get rid of, and use the notes to guide you through the process. Each site/service is color coded: green means it s easy to delete, red is hard, and black is impossible. Popular sites like Netflix, Pinterest, and Craigslist are among those listed as impossible to fully remove your data from. So remember friends, always read the Terms of Service before you sign up.

Why should you delete old online accounts? Depending on the type of website, you leave yourself open to fraud, identity theft, and privacy issues.

On the web: JustDelete.Me

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